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Unity Brewing was something I’ve always wanted to share with the people in my community. I’ve been brewing for 20 years and it only took about about half that time for my hobby to become more of an obsession. Now, when we brew, we’re changing only the subtlest elements of our process. Our Co-Brewer Alan and I have known each other for about the same length of time. He didn’t come into the brewing world until a bit later, but his passion and attention to detail make all the difference. Our beers really are a collective effort and you can taste that. While we offer the traditional styles year round, our menu is constantly changing with new and unique beers.



When it came to food, we had our share of food trucks and pizza at our favorite breweries. We knew if we found the right chef and gave him a stage, we’d have something truly unique to the area. Chef DJae has been cooking most of his career in kitchens big and small and his creativity and style are the reason the food is so exceptional. Sourcing only the freshest, most local ingredients possible was a must. We support many local businesses with just our kitchen alone. From locally grown produce to meat, even our bread comes from our local bakery. The menu at Unity is truly unique and a breath of fresh air in a deep fried town.



Art, both on the walls and in the air were essential ingredients for the Unity taproom. The art on the walls comes from Cody Sabol, a local artist who’s style and attitude made him our first and only choice. His inspiring and colorful works grace our walls in a truly “positive vibes only” kind of way. The art in the air comes in the form of local musicians who play here every weekend.

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